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Allan Scott Family Winemakers

Allan Scott Family Winemakers Riesling 2020

New Zealand, Wairau Valley
Allan Scott Family Winemakers Kekerengu Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Allan Scott Cecilia Marlborough Cuvée Brut
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Josh Scott
CEO, Allan Scott Family Winemakers


Aromas of juicy pineapple and lime are beautifully balanced with hints of nectarine and honeysuckle. The acidity and minerality makes for a crisp and refreshing wine with a long lingering finish.


Harvest 2020 was unpredictable. Right at the start, we had the CV-19 lockdown introduced, so we had to adapt to the newest ways. Once all systems in place, we went out “all harvesters shaking” and picked all our fruit. In hindsight, after seeing what fruit came in, it has been a super harvest, maybe one of the better ones Marlborough has seen for the last 20 years. Great sunshine hours, low disease pressure, light crops, and ripe fruit, all come together to produce some outstanding fruit and in turn some great wines.


As in other years, harvest occurred in the coolness of the early morning. After pressing and the normal settling and racking process the juice was fermented in stainless steel tanks. During the ferment, the wine was tasted daily until a desirable residual sugar level was reached, after which fermentation was promptly stopped.

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New Zealand Wine Catalogue 2022New Zealand Wine Catalogue 2022
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